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EANA Website Committee

Privacy and Contact Policy

For members or potential members of our fellowship, maintaining personal anonymity is of the utmost importance, and is considered a primary responsibility of the Website Committee, in keeping with the Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.

The Website Committee is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and oversight of our website service. No personal information will, under any circumstances, be given to anyone. It is never recommended that direct contact information be given to the public, as we cannot then guarantee how that information would be used. Any member of the public seeking to contact a member of a service committee should do so via our website, through our phone-line, or via regular mail.

This website, and our service provider, will under no circumstances use any method to track visitor data. We will not use cookies. We will maintain no database used to provide statistical information that could jeopardize the anonymity of a visitor. Any contact information provided by a visitor will only be used to respond to that specific inquiry, and will be disposed of immediately after the inquiry has been responded to. If not responded to within 72 hours, the contact information will be purged automatically from our system.

We will not use contact information as a means of solicitation. No further contact beyond the response to the inquiry will be made without the direct permission or request of the person inquiring. Any concerns regarding this privacy policy should be addressed to the Edmonton Area Narcotics Anonymous Public Information Committee. This contact can be made via our website, through our phone-line, or via regular mail.

For more information regarding privacy, the Narcotics Anonymous name, symbol, and use of the both of these items, please visit the link on NA World Services regarding Fellowship Intellectual Property.